About Me

My name is Ashley Mould. I am a paramedic by trade who loves art, woodworking and anything DIY. I've always been a creator and grew up coloring and drawing. I'm not much of a drawer now, but still doodle from time to time.  I began playing around with spray paint art around 2010 or 2011 and instantly fell in love with it. I started of painting on my balcony of my apartment, before getting complaints from my neighbors. I soon moved into an awesome house with an even better garage so I could continue my new found skill. From there I began painting at craft shows and art shows and decided I could probably make frames for these paintings to sell with them. So I purchased a little Ryobi miter saw and began doing some woodworking. From frames it turned into home furnishings which then turned into cutting boards and jewelry boxes. I continue my new found love for woodworking! 

I recently just started posting videos up on YouTube and my channel can be found HERE