Buying A New Drill Press

The tool that seemed to almost always be needed in my shop lately has been a drill press. I use forstner bits all the time and my poor little cordless drill just can’t keep up. At Skiatook, I ended up making a little money and I knew I wanted to use that for a new […]

Third Time’s A Charm – Homemade Screen Printing

Homemade Screen Printing! I went to a print place a few weeks ago to look into buying some custom t-shirts to get for the Skiatook Adventure in Oklahoma. The guy was super cool and laid out the prices. So, I started doing some research. I found quite a few different videos on YouTube on screen printing. […]

Working on a packing list! 

Skiatook Adventure is happening is only one month away!!!! Super excited and nervous all at the same time! I have painted live many times now, but this will hopefully be bigger. For sure more fun regardless. I will be fan girling quite a bit I think. Meeting a lot of these YouTubers is a dream! […]

So much for everyday! – Day 3

Well this is technically day 5, I think. I had a couple days off and totally forgot about the blog! That was fast. Although I’d forget to do a lot of things if I didn’t make notes for myself!  Monday wasn’t anything special. Slept part of the day then saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol […]

Trying Something New – Day 1

EDS Fact 2

Nobody will probably want to read this, as it’s mostly going to be about my chronic illnesses and what not, but if you do want to keep reading, then awesome! I decided that this blog will start being something therapeutic for me. If I write down all my craziness, it might help me out a […]

Skiatook, Oklahoma

Hey everyone! So, I’m officially going to be headed to Skaitook, Oklahoma on June 23 & 24 for the video woodworkers meet up/show thing! Here is a link for more info…. click here! This is for YouTube content creators who are woodworkers and creators. I will be painting live for the event. Thinking about bringing […]

Doing too much, too fast.

Hey all! So, I’ve been doing a lot too fast. My body has been fighting me a bit. I need to take a breath and slow down a bit. The nice weather got me all excited to get out in the garage. I’m still going to be creating, just a little slower. So just wanted […]