I’m Such A Slacker! But Busy Weekend!

Tent Weights

Holy cow, what a slacker! This has been a pretty busy weekend though.


I ended up sleeping for a few hours because I got off work at 7am. Damn Jehovahs Witnesses knocked on my door at 11am though, which I wasn’t too thrilled about. Need to make a sign that says wake me up and die! Well, I guess not that harsh. Went back to sleep for a couple hours, then rise and shine. Went to Michaels to purchase a screen printing kit. It was normal priced like $83 and I had a 60% off coupon thanks to Mothers Day, so that worked wonderfully! Then stopped by Five Below because that’s next door. Had to get some cheap camping chairs for Skiatook. So can’t wait for that trip. One more month! Then went to my Dad’s house to hang out for a bit. Ended up passing back out for an hour or so then going out to dinner at the one and only Buddy’s Pizza. So yummy! Then back to his house for movie night. We shed tears watching A Dog’s Purpose. =)


I had so many plans for Sunday, but none quite worked out. I wasn’t feeling too well so didn’t want to work in the shop. Ended up having breakfast with Dad then going back home and mowing the lawn. Very much did not want to do it, but so needed it. Now it looks pretty again. Then back to Dad’s house and wanted to use his truck to make a Lowes trip. I had to make some tent weights for my canopy. I had been meaning to do this, but never got around to it. So now was the time. Carpe Diem! So went up to Lowes and purchased some PVC pipe, eye bolts and cement. He also got a few things. Then had lunch before we assembled the weights. I talked him into helping and it was wonderful because we hadn’t done a project together in a long time. Then back to his house for some dinner and relaxing. I also started my screen print. I was trying the technique of drawing it on there and then using screen filler. Figured it would give it maybe more of an artsy look than photo emulsion. However next time I think I will try that.

Spoony Creations Screen Print
Tent Weights

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  1. Hubby made a sign for me a long time ago that reads “DAY SLEEPER”. It is painted in big letters on plywood and sits prominently on a chair in front of the porch door. Very effective. Sounds like you need one, too!

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