Third Time’s A Charm – Homemade Screen Printing

Homemade Screen Printing!

I went to a print place a few weeks ago to look into buying some custom t-shirts to get for the Skiatook Adventure in Oklahoma. The guy was super cool and laid out the prices. So, I started doing some research. I found quite a few different videos on YouTube on screen printing. Some better than others. I did some more research and found a kit that you can buy at Michaels

This kit is $82.99 but it contains a 10×14″ frame, squeegee, screen filler, drawing fluid, emulsion, sensitizer, emulsion remover, brush and instruction book. The book shows you 3 different ways that you can print! It’s a great instructional book too! I ended up purchasing this using a coupon so got a great deal. 

I tried the screen filler and drawing fluid, but no luck. Doesn’t get a very clean line. The emulsion way is a little more advanced, but I figured I could handle it. The first time go around, I purchased a light to try and expose it that way. But, I ended up over exposing it. So decided to try again. But I didn’t want to remove the emulsion from the screen, so I just made my own frame and bought some fabric from JoAnn Fabrics called Sheer Voile -> Click Here

Check out this video of Charli making a screen for her screen prints.

The second try, I decided to try and use the sun to expose my image. It wasn’t the best of conditions but I set it out for 45 seconds as the instruction book recommended. I cleaned off the screen and hoped for the best, but no luck. Then I found this video which helped greatly! 

So, after the third time, I finally had a screen in which to print with! 

Homemade Screen Printing

After I let the screen dry, I was able to stick some ink on it and make a test print and then an actual t-shirt print! I was so thrilled! The third time, I exposed the screen using the sun again but only for 35 seconds and I ran into my bathroom and rinsed it out using my shower head and a soft bristled toothbrush! It worked wonderfully! 

homemade screen printing

Do you think I should post a How-to video on my process??? Or are the other videos simple enough? Comment!!!!