Top 8 – Week 1

Top 8 YouTube Videos

Welcome to Week #1 of the Top 8 of my favorite YouTube videos from the week of June 25 - July 1!

#8 - VideoWoodworkers Skiatook 2017 - Bob Vest

I think the vast majority of us forgot to actually bust our cameras out and take videos, and some never got a chance to leave their booths! Bob produced an amazing video of the going ons at Skiatook 2017! And he got video of me turning my first pen, which I even forgot to film!

#7 - Make a 2 Player Pinball Game - Get Hands Dirty

Cristiana is known for making some awesome content, and this is no different! How creative to make a pinball machine that 2 players can play at the same time and interact with each other! Go check her channel out if you haven't already!

#6 - Laura's Ultimate Festival Bike - Laura Kampf

Oh man! What can I say about Laura except Holy Cow! I really want to know where she gets all these bicycles from and how she comes up with the modifications! This one is perfect and the toilet paper roll holder is perfect! Check out her new and improved website...

#5 - Spray Paint Demo - Markus Fussell

Markus is such an amazing spray paint artist and watching his work is just mesmerizing. He loves the space realm, which is what I love painting. He's been painting I think right around the same time I have and has been in our groups since day one. Go check out his Etsy page to browse through some of his artwork!

#4 - He Never Saw It Coming!!! - Suburban Delinquent

I told you it's not going to be all makers! This is Suburban Delinquent and he's a motovlogger. His videos are awesome and his antics are quite funny. A lot of his videos are him going on rides with friends to new eateries. He will tell some trivia about the place they are going! Check his channel out if you need a good laugh!

#3 - Pushing Through Excruciating Pain - The Frey Life

The Frey Life.... these two are amazing. Mary and Peter are a married couple who vlog about their daily life. Mary has Cystic Fibrosis and they show how they live with a chronic and life threatening illness. This video shows the behind the scenes of what it's like to deal with a chronic illness. I know what she's going through in this video. My conditions are life threatening but definitely experience pain everyday. They are very inspirational. Go check out

#2 - Building a Modern Coffee Table - Chris Salomone

I love watching Chris's videos and his voice is so soothing and makes watching the videos so relaxing. This video was so well done, and he put the trolls to bed with this one. Don't give up on those awesome voice overs, Chris! Go over and check his website out -

#1 - 100k Subscriber Thank You - The Dale Tribe

I know it was a live video, but this is so my number 1 pick this week. The Dale Tribe is an amazing family of 6 who vlog about their lives everyday. They just hit 100k subscribers which is huge! Their youngest daughter has diabetes and a lot of it follows her life. But their other children are so awesome! Anna is a brilliant artist, Shae is an amazing actress and Eli is insane at parkour and trampoline tricks. You should really check out their channel!