Top 8 – Week 2

Top 8 YouTube Videos

Oh man we are on week #2 of my favorite Top 8 YouTube videos! This is from the week of July 2 - July 8!

#8 - Making a Year-round Desktop Calendar - Make Something

Here we have David Picciuto at his finest. This desktop calendar came out great. Love spur of the moment type projects and how he planned it out while making it.

#7 - Turning An OSB Bowl - Ox In The Shop

Drew really hit it out of the park on this one! An OSB bowl, who would have ever thought! He turned this at Skiatook2017 and I wish I could have seen him do it live. The bowl turned out amazing! Check out Drew's website.


#6 - Colorful Elephant Spray Paint Art - Porfirio Jimenez

If you haven't seen Porfirio's work, holy cow, get on it! His spray paint stuff is phenomenal! And his personality is huge! You can't help but fall in love with his artwork and him! Check his site out!

#5 - Highligher Art Challenge - Draw With Jazza

Draw with Jazza is a great channel if you are an artist! He does these really crazy challenges and it's super fun to try them yourself. He also has an app that you can download on your phone that creates these challenges if you need help drawing something! Check out his videos!

#4 - Who Else Uses Sign Language? - ASL Stew

If you've ever been curious about ASL or sign language, then check out ASL Stew. Jill and Jenna are a couple, and Jenna is deaf and Jill is an interpreter. They go through a lot of commonly asked questions about deaf culture and ASL. Very informative! Check them out!

#3 - The Joy of Spray - Robtarded Art

Here is another spray paint artist, Rob Stevens. His work is so amazing and detailed! Go check his videos out! His landscapes are quite insane!

#2 - Chemical Patina On A Bowl - Sean Rubino

Sean's process on this bowl is freaking amazing! He did this in Skiatook and I wasn't able to watch it all the way through. You should check out Sean's channel! His furniture is amazing!

#1 - Never Buy A Door Frame Again! - DIY Tyler

This video was actually quite informative, and I never thought about doing this! Not that I have any doors to redo, but I will definitely be keeping this video in the good 'ol store for later section! Great job Tyler!