Top 8 – Week 3

Top 8 YouTube Videos

Welcome to the Top 8 of my favorite YouTube videos! Usually I pick new videos that came out the previous week. However this week I'm doing a little #tbt and sharing some of my favorite older YouTube videos!

#8 - Just Slow Down - Winnipeg Police Service

So with this one. It's totally a PSA, but this video always, no pun intended, struck me. Being a paramedic, I've had a lot of close calls out on the road. When this came out, it definitely made me more aware of my surroundings and hopefully it does the same for everyone else.

#7 - Wood Turned Bamboo Death Star - Frank Howarth

Frank is always classic, but this one is one of my favorites! It features just about everything! Frank uses just about every tool he has in his shop, uses stop motion, great music and sound effects. And it still amazes me what he makes!

#6 - Spray Paint Art Open Your Eyes - Matt Sorensen

When I first got into spray paint art, Matt's paintings were the ones I watched the most. They are so raw, yet so refined. His videos were the first time I saw fire used to dry the paint. Which of course I had to try! Matt passed away a year or so ago. Miss his new videos.

#5 - Aaron "Wheelz Fotheringham - The Story - Unit

I love watching Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham's stuff! His tricks are insane and not to mention he does all while riding a wheelchair. When I'm having bad days I like to think, "what would Wheelz do?" His family wrote a book about his life and his family's life. You should check it out! Wheelz

#4 - Guardians Of The Galaxy - Simply Sara

Sara's spray paint skills are amazing! I love doing stencil work, but don't nearly have the patience to do some of her stencils! This painting is always badass as it's painted in reverse. I've done a few glass paintings and it is so hard to think in reverse while painting! Check out her channel!

#3 - Wooden Book Keepsake Box - Steve Ramsey

Steve Ramsey is what got me into woodworking. Well, got me more into woodworking than I already was. And a lot of it started with this video. I love that this is in the shape of a book but it's a keepsake box which is what I love making.

#2 - Danny MacAskill's Imaginate - Red Bull

Danny is such an amazing bike rider! This video came out and I was floored! Brings you straight back to childhood!!!! There are quite a few Danny MacAskill videos out there! You should totally check them all out if you like this!

#1 - Making It In The Little Leagues - Aaron Draplin

Aaron Draplin is the bomb! This is a Ted Talk and I love Ted Talks! But I stumbled upon this dude and this speech made me laugh and made me think of my business in general and how to just live and love what you are doing and don't go to work hating everything. He is someone who grew up in Michigan and was told art isn't a living, which is what I was told numerous times growing up! He also started making Field Notes. If you need some doodle pads, check these out! Field Notes Kraft Ruled 3-Pack