Top 8 – Week 4

Top 8 YouTube Videos

Welcome everyone to the weekly Top 8 favorite YouTube videos of the week! These videos were posted between July 23 and July 29th! Enjoy!

8 - Rogue Engineer - DIY Trampoline Stairs with Slide and Climbing Wall

Jameson and Jamie are great! By the way the kids were acting, I think they did an amazing job with this build! You should also check out their vlog channel,  Our DIY Life

7 - Cy's Corner - Intarsia Panda for Noah

Cy's scroll saw art is amazing! This project was no different! And her cute new puppies are a great addition! I love Cy's enthusiasm, it's so infectious! 

6 - Make Something - Getting Started Cutting Dovetail Joinery

I've been wanting to learn how to do more hand tool joinery and learn dovetails. This video made my day when it popped up in my feed! Can't wait to sharpen my chisels and get at it! 

5 - Frank Howarth - Making Mount St. Helens

I love Frank's videos! They are so calming and relaxing and I was so glad he shared his family's vacation with us and decided to do something fun with the photos from his experience. It was such a neat idea to CNC a topographical map! 

4 - LethalChris Drawing - Let's Draw the Night King from Game of Thrones

Chris's artwork is so amazing! The detail in his drawings is just incredible and can never wait to see a new drawing pop up! Follow him on Instagram for tidbits of his drawings!

3 - Heather Rooney - Photorealistic Drawing of KK

Here's another amazing artist! Heather does incredible pencil drawings that are so real you would think it is a photograph! Follow her on Instagram as well to see more of her stuff! 

2 - Tested - Adam Savage and John Hodgman at Comic-Con as Chewbaccas!

I'm a big Adam Savage fan and this was awesome! I saw he was doing this on Instagram or Twitter and was mad excited there was a video! One day I will go to a Comic-Con, but for now, I will have to watch funny videos like this about it! 

1 - Casey Neistat - She's A Blind YouTuber

I have to admit that I'm a big Casey Neistat fan! This episode of his vlog was awesome in that fact that he wanted to experience what Molly experiences on a normal day. It's amazing how many things aren't accessible to people out there. And Molly is a great YouTuber! You should also check out her channel