Top 8 – Week 5

Top 8 YouTube Videos

Welcome to another week of my Top 8 Favorite YouTube videos! I skipped a week because of vacation and I'm a day late because of work! Gotta get my s**t together! These are from the week of August 6-14th!

#8 - Inside the Mind of a Rad Lady Rider - The Singletrack Sampler

I've been getting more and more into mountain biking and I found the channel of Alexander aka The Singletrack Sampler. This video caught my eye for sure because you don't see many women mountain bikers out there. This was a pretty good video! 

#7 - This Is Australia. It's big and empty. - Ed Pratt

If you haven't found Ed yet, you should! He's been riding around the world on his unicycle! I found his channel a few weeks ago and was hooked and binged watched a ton of his videos! I still haven't watched his China series, but I did skip to the Australia series! 

#6 - How to Make a Picture Frame - A Glimpse Inside

If you haven't found Chris aka A Glimpse Inside, then you're missing out! I met Chris at Skiatook Adventure and his work is amazing! This might be a simple picture frame, but learning picture frames is one of those basic woodworking fundamentals! Check this video out! 

#5 - DIY Dining Table Made From Plywood - Chris Salomone

I know, another Chris! But Salomone's stuff is just amazing to me! I'm not good with miters and crazy geometry, so every time I watch his videos, I'm just blown away! This table is just made of plywood, but looks so refined! Amazing! 

#4 - Bolt Action Pen for DIY Tyler - Got Wood Workshop

I've been following Matt on Instagram for quite a while, and his YouTube videos don't disappoint. If you haven't found Matt on Instagram, you should! 

#3 - DIY Mid Century Modern Standing/Floating Desk

Dylan and Molly didn't disappoint with this video! The floating desk is absolute gorgeous and love the additional storage! 

#2 - Building the World's Greatest Swing Set - DIY Tyler

This is a 2 parter, and Tyler killed it! I would love to be a kid again and play on this playset! His kids are going to love this thing forever! Definitely came from an engineer's brain! 

#1 - Street Art Stop Motion Animation - Kiptoe

This video blew my mind! So well done and amazing artwork as always! Kiptoe does not disappoint! His videos have progressed so much! You have to check this video out!