Working on a packing list! 

Skiatook Adventure is happening is only one month away!!!! Super excited and nervous all at the same time! I have painted live many times now, but this will hopefully be bigger. For sure more fun regardless. I will be fan girling quite a bit I think. Meeting a lot of these YouTubers is a dream! They are my mentors and I’ve learned so much from them over the years. 

Anyways… I have a Kia Soul and I have to figure out how to cram everything into the back of my car! My friend is going with me so that I don’t have to drive the whole way. It’s about 14 hours away which isn’t horrible, but with my body being the way it is, 14 hours sitting is quite torturous. I’m very thankful for Vickie for helping me out! I’ve been purchasing things that I think I will need and making things. I use these boards to paint on and I’m finally making some new ones! Even more so, I plan on making them look nice… handle and rounded edges so I don’t splinter myself like I normally do! 

Also I will be painting saw blades, so if you have a used saw blade you want painted BRING IT! Just make sure there isn’t rust on it (at least on one side). I use primer to make sure it’s pretty and wonderful. 

Well that is all for now! Skiatook Adventure is June 23 & 24!

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  1. Ashley, I am really looking forward to the Skiatook gathering, too! So glad you have a friend to travel with. It is a long drive. I am keeping my eyes open for a big saw blade but I am wondering if I shouldn’t just cut one(or two) on the scrollsaw? Would that be something you could work with? Tool junkie that I am, I’m not sure I could bring myself to have a real blade painted. LOL I have purchased painted hand saws in the past to restore to usable condition. At least they don’t rust with the paint on them!

    1. Ashley Mould says:

      For sure I can do something like that. As long as it has a nice face that I can prime first and paint!

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